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TSBPE Clamps Down on Unlicensed Plumbing

45% of Disciplinary Actions Targeted the Illegal Practice in Fiscal Year 2023.

The Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners (TSBPE) is pleased to announce significant progress in combatting unlicensed and other illegal plumbing activities for Fiscal Year 2023. Demonstrating its steadfast commitment to industry regulations and public safety, the TSBPE’s Enforcement Division conducted a notable total of 646 investigations during Fiscal Year 2023.

Steve Davis, the TSBPE’s Director of Enforcement, offered a closer look at the year’s Enforcement strategies: “Our team is focusing significant effort on curbing unlicensed plumbing practices throughout Texas. In FY 2023, we executed a total of 292 enforcement actions against unlicensed individuals including 189 agreed orders and 103 cease and desist letters—that’s nearly 50% of our total enforcement activity aimed directly at unlicensed plumbing.”

Lisa G. Hill, Executive Director of the TSBPE, commented on the year’s achievements: “Our approach this year as it has been every year is about ensuring the health and safety of Texans. The significant number of investigations and our targeted efforts against unlicensed activities highlight our dedication to maintaining high standards in the plumbing industry.”

Building on the significant achievements in tackling unlicensed activity in 2023, the TSBPE is poised for an even more impactful year ahead. The groundwork laid by this year’s enforcement actions has set the stage for a 2024 agenda with broader initiatives aimed at further suppressing illegal plumbing practices.

The TSBPE’s Enforcement Division’s performance in fiscal year 2023 serves as assurance to lawmakers and the public at large that the TSBPE remains committed to maintaining a safe and reliable plumbing infrastructure in Texas. The Enforcement team’s success is a testament to that commitment and serves as a compelling reminder of the importance of continued support and investment in the regulation of the plumbing trade in Texas.