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Continuing Education Overview

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

If you hold any one of the following license or registrations, you are required to complete 6 hours of CPE before you may renew your license:

  • Master Plumber License (with or without the RMP designation)
  • Journeyman Plumber License
  • Tradesman Plumber-Limited License
  • Apprentice Registration w/ Endorsement(s)*
  • Medical Gas Piping Installation Endorsement**

*Apprentices Registration holders are only required to take 6 hours of CPE if they hold an endorsement. Some CE providers offer a special Apprentice training program that will satisfy the yearly CPE requirement. Contact your preferred provider for details.

**Med Gas endorsement holders are required to take 2 hours of CPE every three years.

Course Providers & Instructors and Publishers of Course Materials

The TSBPE will only award credit for a 6-hour CPE course offered by a provider approved by the Board.  The Board must also approve anyone who instructs CPE or publishes the course materials that serve as the basis of a CPE course

Any entity or individual who is approved to provide or instruct the 6-hour CPE is automatically approved to provide or instruct any of the examination training programs with one exception.  An individual may not instruct the 24-hour training program for the Medical Gas Piping Installation Endorsement Examination unless  the individual holds the Med Gas Endorsement on his or her Plumber or Plumber Inspector license. 

To request an application for approval as a Publisher of Course Materials please send an email to info@tsbpe.texas.gov.  Course Provider and/or Course Instructor applications are only available through your online licensing account.

Examination Training Programs

If you are applying to take an examination for a license or endorsement, you may be required to complete one of the following training programs before you submit your examination application

  • Journeyman Plumber License: 48-hour training program
  • Tradesman Plumber-Limited License: 24-hour training program
  • Medical Gas Piping Installation Endorsement: 24-hour training program
  • Multipurpose Residential Fire Protection Sprinkler Specialist Endorsement: 24-hour training program
  • Water Supply Protection Specialist Endorsement: 24-hour training program