Agency Mission

The Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners (TSBPE) safeguards Texas citizens’ health and safety by guaranteeing clean drinking water, uncontaminated air, and safe medical gases through regulated plumbing systems. By licensing only competent individuals, the Board ensures safe plumbing practices within the state.

Community education is another essential aspect of the Board’s mission. The TSBPE promotes the importance of proper plumbing for health and sanitation, as well as the vital role of licensed plumbing professionals. By informing the public, the Board encourages the use of qualified professionals over potentially harmful unlicensed workers, thereby upholding the Board’s mission. This outreach also serves to advertise plumbing as a fulfilling career path, crucial given Texas’ growing population amidst a static workforce.

The Board vigilantly investigates consumer complaints and takes necessary disciplinary action against those violating the Plumbing License Law. This maintains high standards among licensed plumbers and curbs dangerous unlicensed work. Through fair and consistent regulation, licensing, and registration, the TSBPE ensures that qualified plumbing professionals protect the health and safety of the people of Texas.

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The TSBPE’s examination function ensures that all those who hold a plumbing license or endorsement have met or exceeded minimum standards of competency and have the knowledge and experience needed to perform plumbing work properly.  Both the examinations developed by the agency and its Exam Center are currently recognized nationwide as setting some of the highest standards for the plumbing industry.  Most notable are the practical “shop” components of the exams for the Tradesman Plumber-Limited License, Journeyman License, and Medical Gas Piping Installation Endorsement.


The licensing function ensures that those working in the plumbing trade are staying current with changes in the plumbing codes, knowledgeable about technical advances in the industry, and improving their skill as plumbers through continuing education.  The registration of Plumber’s Apprentices is vital to the growth of the industry because it provides a clear career path for obtaining a license.


Proactive enforcement of the Plumbing License Law, rules adopted by the Board, and plumbing codes protects both consumers and the plumbing industry.  Identifying and penalizing individuals and companies offering or performing plumbing services without the proper license reduces the risk posed to consumers by improperly installed plumbing.  Penalizing business owners, licensees, and registrants who fail to abide by the laws, rules, and ordinances regulating plumbing keeps industry standards high.


Administrative functions like purchasing and payroll are necessary to support the agency’s other key functions and keep the TSPBE operating effectively and efficiently.