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TSBPE Achieves Over 50% Growth in Plumbing Examinations Conducted from Fiscal Year 2022 to Fiscal Year 2023

Dramatic Increase in Exam Capacity is a Direct Response to Public Feedback and Legislative Mandate. 

The Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners (TSBPE) proudly announces a remarkable achievement in its examination and licensure program for fiscal year 2023. Building on public feedback and directives from the 88th Texas Legislature, the TSBPE has dramatically increased the number of written and practical examinations conducted, alongside an impressive rise in pass rates. 

In fiscal year 2022, the TSBPE administered 4,963 examinations with a 70% pass rate. In a striking advancement, fiscal year 2023 saw this number soar to 9,616 examinations, accompanied by an enhanced pass rate of 72.3%. This growth is a direct response to the public’s need for more qualified plumbers and the legislative mandate to strengthen the plumbing industry in Texas. 

TSBPE Board Chair Frank S. Denton reflects on these milestones, saying, “The progress we’ve made this past year is a testament to our commitment to elevating the plumbing profession in Texas. By listening to public feedback and adhering to the legislative mandate, we’ve not only increased our examination capacity but also enhanced the quality of our licensure process. This success signifies our dedication to ensuring the highest standards in plumbing services for the people of Texas.” 

A significant factor in this achievement is the opening of the TSBPE’s Exam Center in Waco, a venture made possible through a collaborative partnership with Texas State Technical College (TSTC). 

TSTC Chancellor Mike Reeser commends this effort, stating, “Our inter-agency efforts have been a model for how government in Texas can get stuff done by working together. Our common mission of supplying a high-quality workforce made it a possibility, but the TSBPE’s willingness to work together toward tangible results was the secret weapon in achieving a meaningful outcome. We’re making a difference statewide!” 

Another pivotal development contributing to this success is the implementation of Computer-Based Testing with partner, Pearson VUE. This initiative has expanded the availability of TSBPE examinations to more than 60 testing centers across Texas, significantly increasing accessibility for aspiring plumbers. 

The TSBPE remains dedicated to its mission of protecting the health and safety of Texans by ensuring the integrity and proficiency of licensed plumbers. These achievements mark a significant stride towards a future where every Texan can trust in the quality and reliability of plumbing services in our great state.