The application you clicked on today (as well as all other TSBPE applications) is available to complete entirely online. You can even renew your license, order a duplicate license card and update your Certificate of Insurance without having to fill out a single piece of paper.*

As always… 

Please make sure you have the needed hours, a good copy of a government issued photo ID and a copy of your birth certificate (if starting from an Apprentice) before you start the application process. And don’t forget to check your current license status including CE, fingerprint** and disciplinary history using our Public License Search

Last but not least… 

Does the TSBPE have your current email address on file? The TSBPE’s primary communication method is email, so if we don’t have your current address you could be missing out on vital information. See this page for quick and easy address update instructions.         

*If you would prefer to submit your application via US Mail, please check this page in a few days–the new paper application will be available soon. 
**Fingerprints are required for all applicants. See info here.       

Click here for up-to-date information regarding our new Computer-Based Testing system.