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The TSBPE Seal and the State of Louisiana

TSBPE Signs Reciprocal License Agreement

with Louisiana

Louisiana Journeymen with Gasfitter Licensees in Good Standing are Now Eligible to Obtain the Equivalent License in Texas, No Exam Required

Reciprocal licensing, a long-requested licensure option in the plumbing community, has proven difficult for agencies to implement due to state-to-state variations in license requirements. “The plumbing skillset and licensing requirements in Louisiana are substantially equivalent to ours here in Texas.” said TSBPE Board Chair Frank S. Denton, “this agreement makes good sense for both states.”

Extreme weather events like Hurricane Ida and the deep freeze that hit Texas in early 2021 highlight the unique way in which both states will benefit from a streamlined out-of-state license registration and approval process.

This arrangement is as much a message of support to working plumbers as it is a net positive for plumbing companies in either state who will now have more options when hiring a licensed plumber. Ultimately, the consumer stands to benefit most from the landmark deal; both agencies expect it to significantly increase the availability of trained plumbing professionals across the Gulf Coast and beyond.

Click here to download the official press release.

Louisiana Plumbers Can Complete the Reciprocity Application Online RIGHT NOW. Follow These Instructions and You’lI be Licensed to do Plumbing Work in Texas in No Time!

  1. Click Here to create a new online account
  2. Login to your new account using the temporary password that was emailed to you and then choose your own password when prompted.
  3. In the “Start a New Application” section on the Quick Start Menu, choose “Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners” in the top menu and then
    “Reciprocity” from the second menu and then click Select.
  4. Follow the instructions from there until you’ve made the payment and then you’re done! Your new Texas plumbing license will arrive via US mail within
    30 days.