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Responsible Master Plumber List: These are individuals who are licensed to offer and contract plumbing work to the general public. This list contains the last known company name associated with the Licensee. A company offering/contracting plumbing services to the public must secure the services of at least one Responsible Master Plumber and have a current certificate of insurance on file with this agency.

Master Plumber List: A list of Master Plumber Licenses

Journeyman Plumber List: A list of Journeyman Plumber Licenses

Tradesman Plumber – Limited Licensee List: A list of Tradesman Plumber-Limited Licenses

Plumber’s Apprentice List: A list of Plumber’s Apprentice registrations

Plumbing Inspectors List: A list of Plumbing Inspector licenses

Plumbing Inspectors are listed with the name of their primary political subdivision association. Plumbing Inspectors who appear as unaffiliated are presumed to be unemployed.

Individuals who hold specific endorsements in addition to their license or registration are shown with their endorsement information.

Activities allowed by a specific license/registration type shall not be performed with an expired license/registration.

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