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Winter Storm Exemptions Have Expired

In the nearly five months since Winter Storm Uri paralyzed the entire state, Governor Abbott and the TSBPE mobilized hundreds of additional plumbers to help wherever help was needed. Now, as thermometers across Texas push into triple digits, all special waivers and exemptions related to Winter Storm Uri have expired, effective July 11, 2021.

The regulation changes that are no longer in effect are as follows:

Plumber’s Apprentices – EXPIRED
The Governor’s office has waived regulations for certain qualified Plumber’s Apprentices in Texas. These waivers allow current. Plumber’s Apprentices holding Drain Cleaner and/or Residential Utility Installer endorsements and those currently scheduled (and in possession of an official exam confirmation letter from the TSBPE) to temporarily perform plumbing repairs without ‘direct’ supervision by a licensed plumber so long as the qualified Plumber’s Apprentice works under the general supervision of a Responsible Master Plumber (RMP). This temporary regulation change allows the supervising RMP expanded discretion when assigning apprentices responsibilities and tasks.

Reinstate-able Licenses – EXPIRED
Plumbers who have been previously licensed by the TSBPE but whose licenses have expired for a period longer than 2 years may reinstate for a fee and without the current examination requirement. Please note: these reinstatements are subject to individual review and approval by the TSBPE. To be considered, send an email including your full legal name, your former license number, a picture/scan of your current, state-issued photo ID, and a brief explanation as to why you left the plumbing industry to

CE Waiver for February – April Expirations – EXPIRED*
The yearly Continuing Education requirement will be waived for all licenses and registrations with expiration dates in February, March and April of 2021. All licensees and registrants remain responsible for paying renewal fees; this waiver applies only to the 2021 CE course requirement. Please login to your online account to complete payment and renew your license. Note: this disaster-related CE credit DOES NOT nullify previously-issued, temporary COVID Disaster CE credits. If you were issued a COVID CE credit for 2019-2020, plan on fulfilling your CE requirement via correspondence as soon as possible so as to guarantee your license/registration remains current. To review your current CE status, please use our public license search.

*Please note: If you were granted a Winter Storm CE Waiver between February and April 0f 2021, you DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE THE CLASS UP. Your regular CE was waived and your license will remain current until your 2022 expiration date.

The TSBPE would like to thank the plumbing community for the tremendous effort put forth for those in need. It is a testament to our industry that many of the positive stories that emerged from an otherwise dire situation involved plumbers going above and beyond to help their fellow Texans get back on their feet. Thank you!

Click here for a printable 1-sheet that features this information.