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Welcome to Texas: How to Get Licensed

Thank you for contacting the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners and your interest in the recovery of plumbing for the citizens of Texas.

Please use our online service and apply for the out of state exam either master or journeyman depending upon the license you hold in your state. Once completed send a copy of your current out of state license, current state issued photo ID and the receipt of payment of the required fee back to 

If you are a Veteran please let us know so we can waive fees where available. We will need a copy of your DD214 form to do so. 

A provisional license will be issued upon review and approval. You may at a later date take the exam if you wish to stay and hold a permanent license. Here is the link to the online service.

​You will need to set up an account using a valid email address as your user ID. Once all required documents are received and verified your provisional license will be issued within three business days and published to our website at:

The provisional will be valid for six months or if you decide to stay in our great state and successfully complete the examination it will be valid for one year.

There are many companies looking for help with recovery. If you plan to contract plumbing work please also send a completed copy of the TSBPE certificate of insurance form so we can continue the process to allow for contracting. The additional forms for contracting can be found at:

If you would like your email or telephone number forwarded to one of the many companies or groups looking for licensed plumbers please let us know via a reply to this email.  

Thank you for your help in our recovery efforts.

929 E 41st St
Austin, Texas 78751
512 936 5200