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Texas Plumbers Important Updates

UPDATED 02/17/2020

Dear Licensees and Registrants:

We are taking these aggressive measures to ensure that both you and the TSBPE staff remain safe and healthy. TSBPE will contact you directly via email and phone regarding the rescheduling of your exam.  Please check your email and your online account to ensure that you have your updated examination date and time. Be aware that examinations may be rescheduled on Saturdays and in am/pm time slots. In order to limit the overwhelming number of calls and emails please do not call us at this time.  We expect this to be a short postponement, however, it is beyond our control to reopen at this time.  We are working diligently to get everyone rescheduled.

Please remember our phones and email system are very busy and you will experience delays.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to evaluate this situation.


UPDATED 02/17/2021:

Cloth face coverings or masks help prevent postponement of exams for others and also protect our Examiners. Please come prepared. Gloves will be provided upon request and must be removed and disposed of in the presence of the examiner upon exiting the exam area. Examinations are being scheduled, however openings are limited due to social distancing precautions. Some examinations may be rescheduled for Saturdays and or am/pm sessions. 

Please check your email carefully, and watch for text messaging as we move towards the end of the year to regain our ability for full capacity in our examination center.

Due to the overwhelming number of calls and emails it is difficult to quickly get back to each phone call and email.  Please take this time to do a little extra studying for a successful 1st time examination in the very near future. If you wish to reschedule any newly scheduled type of examination please send an email to Reschedule requests must be made in writing.  If you choose to call us, understand that our telephones are currently very busy and you may experience a delay when trying to reach us. Please do not send requests to ask when you will be rescheduled if you were previously postponed. We ask that you look in your online account and check your email. In your online account, you will find a pending date at the bottom of your account under the VIEW EXAM RESULTS tab. Note that we are working on our computer-based testing through a 3rd party which we hope will help things flow smoothly as Texans recover from the COVID 19 pandemic.  We look forward to seeing you soon! Please see: Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas


UPDATED 10/13/2020

Please see Governor Abbott Issues Executive Orders To Mitigate Spread Of COVID-19 In Texas

NOTE: The email associated with the Examinee will be used to contact you as changes are made to your scheduled examination date. We ask you to have patience with us as we work to meet the needs of the public, licensees and registrants while abiding by all guidelines.  If you wish to reschedule any newly scheduled examination please send an email to .  Reschedule requests must be made in writing.

If you choose to call us, understand that our telephones are currently very busy and you may experience a delay.


Effective immediately and until further notice, the TSBPE will accept Continuing Professional Education (CPE) correspondence and virtual courses in lieu of class room courses to meet the training requirements for the Tradesman Plumber Limited 24-hour training courses and will eliminate the 2nd classroom CPE (48 hours) requirement for the Journeyman examination.

The requirement for the Responsible Master Plumber (RMP) 24-hour training course is currently exempted. If you wish to become a RMP you can do so by submitting a complete application and paying the fee via our online license system or via mail. You must also have your insurance agent submit proof of the required insurance. However, you may find it helpful to take the 24-hour training if you are new to the business arena. If you take a full 24-hour course please have the provider submit proof so that we may update your license record.

Click here for the required insurance form that must be submitted with your Responsible Master Plumber application:

An RMP fee reduction is coming November 29, 2020. Review the Board Rules at:


UPDATED 10/23/2020


As of 3/15/2020 you will see that licenses and registrations expiring since that time now show a DISASTER RELIEF CE credit on the public site. See license T 2885 on the public site for an example at:

These relief CE markers will allow licensees/registrants to renew if all other renewal requirements are met. You will still need to take a CE class or correspondence course (as the case may be) to maintain the credit.  We expect and hope everyone that needs a class is able to do so in the very near future. We will monitor the list of licenses/registrations to determine who owes the permanent CE credit. This will allow you to have a current license/registration if all other requirements are met. Pocket cards will go out the following week for those that renew. The markers will be removed at a time to be determined of which we will give notice. If a marker is removed at some future date and there is no replacement CE credit, the license expiration date will revert back to the original expiration date and the license will be expired. We hope this lessens some worries to those that need it. Please use your online renewal account to pay your renewal fees. DO NOT WAIT. November renewals are now open, please pay your renewal fee online.

In order to allow everyone to complete a correspondence course and to meet the CPE requirements for renewal, all licenses/registrations expiring on March 31st until December 31st 2020 will have their expiration dates temporarily extended due to potential challenges meeting their CPE course requirements. Medical Gas CPE will also be allowed via correspondence in lieu of classroom. Many providers have this course available.

Licensees/registrants will need to continue to pay their fees and meet all other renewal requirements.  This includes having fingerprints completed  if you are renewing a Tradesman Plumber Limited License.

In addition, we are asking political subdivisions to recognize that we have extended the expiration of the license/registration date so as not to prohibit the purchasing of permits, the obtaining of inspections or the performance of plumbing.

Contact a Course Provider:


TSBPE will temporarily allow, some required training courses via LIVE VIRTUAL classroom with the following items and exceptions:

  • Residential Code, Commercial Code, Fire Sprinkler, and WSPS.
  • Books and materials for each course will need to either be mailed or available for download by students.
  • Only live interactions, not simply watching recorded videos, to ensure engagement and Interaction.
  • A class limit size of 15 to ensure that everyone is participating and since this is uncharted territory.
  • There are many options available such as Skype, Go-To-Meeting and Zoom that can be used.
  • All other requirements for the courses (except live presence in the same room) shall be maintained.


Thank you for your continued patience as we work through this together!

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