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Featured Video: Mobile Cross Connection Demo

Our inaugural featured video comes to us courtesy of the fine folks at the Lubbock Independent¬† School District who took the time and energy to produce this informative clip featuring–wait for it–the TSBPE Mobile Cross Connection Demonstration as presented by TSBPE Field Representative extraordinaire Terry Parham!

[Cue dramatic music]

The TSBPE Mobile Cross Connection Demonstration has long been the stuff of legend for plumbers all over the entire Continental United States. Many have heard whispers of its existence, few have born witness to the dark, pressurized splendor it conjures every time it’s wheeled into service. “Oh my Uncle John, Master Plumber number [redacted], used to tell me stories about how he saw that Cross Connection thing in Chicago during the 80s and that’s when our family relocated to Texas you know… I always thought it was just a story,” said Cal Worthington, owner of Worthington’s Plumbing in Waxahachie.* “If you’re telling me that thing is real I’m going to need to see it with my own two eyes.”

Well ready those peepers Mr. Worthington, and temper your disbelief as one of the TSBPE plumbing wizard Mr. Terry Parham excites, delights and sends a cold chill up everyone’s spines all while teaching us a valuable lesson… and in doing so proves beyond all doubt: plumbing is pretty darn cool after all.

*Real names have been changed to protect the innocent.